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New Jersey Life Wellness Coach Debi Gallo Unveils Don’t Look Back TV to Help People Realize Their Own Potential through the Experience of Transformation


PRINCETON, NJ – Ever wonder why some people repeatedly find success? How they change their fate and fortune for the better? And, what is the true meaning of success?


New Jersey Wellness Transformation Coach Debi Gallo helps people try to discover these answers and is now unveiling a pilot program, Don’t Look Back TV, that focuses on empowering individuals to transform themselves into their next level of greatness....and helping them to unblock what's been holding them back.

Through Debi’s experiences, tips and interviews, she unveils the concept of self-transformation and discovering how to use your own untapped potential to be successful, happy and healthy.


A former award-winning broadcast news journalist turned author, personal trainer and Life Wellness Coach, Debi is known for her keep it simple style of storytelling. She transformed her own life through a variety of breakthroughs, courses and experiences, utilizing the guiding principles of the Law of Attraction – a time-honored philosophy that stipulates “like attracts like,” focusing on how one’s own thoughts can bring about positive or negative results.


“I will be taking the complex issues such as the Law of Attraction, transformation and healthy living and explain what they mean in simple way, and show how everybody can understand and utilize change in their daily lives,” Debi said.


“I want to empower as many people as I can to help them realize the true nature of transformation, positive thinking and encourage them to explore themselves. The premise of my program is simple— what you are creating is bigger than what you’re leaving behind,” Debi continued.


Renowned acting coach Sande Shurin, who developed the Transformational Acting method said, “The power to be, and have, what you want is already within each of us and it is ultimately your job to learn how to tap into unlimited potential. I’ve known Debi for more than 15 years and I am confident that Don’t Look Back TV will be a catalyst for many looking to transform their lives.”


In the inaugural episode of Don’t Look Back TV, Debi introduces the Law of Attraction, explains why change can be so beneficial and how it has helped her. She also delves into the topic of healthy living where she tests a national new herbal body product that claims to deliver maximum tightening and firming results in hours.  


Anyone who feels they have transformed their own life through the power of positivity is encouraged to contact Debi to potentially share their stories.


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